Why is it important for you to have a compact and well-knit team?

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What makes developers strive to make your product better, and how can you help it?
As a client, you shouldn’t usually worry about the team of developers who are working on your project. You are in communication with a project manager and not every company will let you know the whole team. You have more important things to deal with, you don’t have time to get to know the developers and you mostly choose a company based on an estimated quote. But selecting the right team is crucial when it comes to following the schedule, deadlines, and quotes.

You might have heard a friend who told you “I worked with a company, but deadlines were not met, we spent much more money than planned and, in the end, we’re not happy with the product we got”. Then you ask him “Why did you choose that company at all?” or “What did you know about the team beforehand?” and they will probably answer “Because of the low price, that was the only thing that I cared about”.

Of course, money can be an important factor when starting a project, but you should always have in mind that a wrong team selection at the start of the project may cost you a lot more in the end.

It is better to pick a team where teammates have been working with each other for years, instead of gathering, for example, freelancers, who don’t know each other very well, just for the project. It’s going to be reflected in the final cost and can significantly increase the project length.

Qwertify team is one of those who have known each other for years and who did numerous projects together, with a particular flow that works every time. Since we’re all friends even outside of the office, we are keen on helping each other during the process. In our office saying “It’s not my job” doesn’t exist. We always go the extra mile for a colleague in need.

We are proud to state that our team is growing exponentially and we’re very happy about new colleagues. Our assimilation process is based on making our new colleagues familiar with our processes and projects. They have enough time to get to know the projects and prepare for their participation very quickly.

Every developer’s wish toward a client is: Communicate with us. Whenever you don’t like something, when you think it could be better, you’re not sure whether it’s the best approach, please tell us. The sooner the better. If you communicate with us on a weekly basis, we will get valuable feedback from you and will know whether we’re on the right path or not. If we don’t hear from you in weeks, we will assume that nothing is wrong and continue with our activities. It can result in building a different vision from which we initially started with.

Having in mind the things we pointed out, the next time you need to choose a team for your new project, think about the following things:

1. How long has the team been working together?
2. How much included will I be in the development process?
3. What other projects did the team work on?

And choose wisely. Long story – short: chose us.