Tough love between developers and designers

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Well, if you have read my previous blog, you’ve noticed that I promised you a story about collaboration between designers and developers. In the beginning, I want to mention that as a designer I appreciate developers’ work because they convert the design to life. So, this can be interpreted as my love letter to them, although they will assume the opposite.

Being together no matter what

A great product requires clear communication between design and development teams. It is not easy, but all of us have to give continuous effort to prevent any miscommunication. One of the problems that can be caused is when developers are included in a project when I am finished with UX design, and although I would like to involve them sooner, unfortunately, we don’t usually have time for that. While presenting my design work to developers, we are quarreling for the first half an hour. I am immune to sentences like: “That is not possible, where have you seen it?”. So, we fight like cats and dogs because they start criticizing my design, asking a million questions, and saying that some ideas are crazy without completely understanding my intentions. But, we always find some kind of agreement because we care about the product, and that’s the inner strength that motivates us to keep going further together.

Let’s help each other out

Designers are often unaware of the technical possibilities that can make the solutions better, and that’s why developers are there. Developers are also users, so they can give an important point of view on their experience with the product. As you have concluded, developers and designers have a completely different perspective to see things, and that is precious.

Sometimes, designers forget that developers can’t get into their thinking process. Thus, designers should make developers’ jobs easier by creating consistent elements, providing style guides with explanations, etc. Frequent conversations with developers are crucial, so don’t give them just the design in Zeplin or whatever similar tool you tend to use. Designers should keep development in mind while doing their part of a job.

Tech-savvy flow might be confusing​

It’s not only the designers who need to make the process effective. Developers also need to step out of their comfort state of mind.They should also decrease their defensiveness and be more open-minded while understanding that we should keep forward with design trends because the 2000s are far, far away. Developers, please have in mind that average users don’t have your engineering perception and that’s why we should create an intuitive user experience.

The product first​

Design and development need to go hand in hand and everyone being involved brings a more proactive process and a better product for users. While good design attracts users, great working code at the backend engages them to the product. Want to experience Qwertify by yourself? To see our every day’s fight to make a digital product to be the best possible? Get in touch with us!