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Android or iOS? Website? Phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, or watches? Whatever you need, we are up to the challenge and ready to transform some of the most complex visions into digital products. We are ready to hop on the road, but what about you? You can check out our prepared questions. But if we haven't answered your questions, feel free to contact us. Let's discuss how we can make you succeed.



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At Qwertify, we're transparent and honest at all times. We know that a lot of IT stuff can be confusing and that's why we've done our best to answer the most common questions that we're asked for, to give you more insight into how we work. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

We work closely with you to ensure that your vision will be represented through the digital product. Our designers pay careful attention to UX and UI to make it more user-oriented and engaging. With a finished web or mobile design, your product goes to the development. Our team crafts unforgettable experiences that work flawlessly. But, this is not the end. We take good care of your product after its launch day.
We like to refer to UX and UI as peanut butter and jelly. They are two different things but together they do wonders. Back to the IT world. User Experience, known as UX, is the complete experience from a user’s first contact to the last. It’s the structural design solutions that users encounter along their journey with the product. On the other hand, User Interface, or UI, consists of visual touchpoints. It’s a combination of typography, color palette, animations, imagery that make the product look the way it does.
Your digital product has a limited opportunity to grab the attention of users as in the modern digital world they have almost unlimited choices. It is not just a design that can differentiate you from the competition. The other main value is that it solves the user's problems and that's how it plays an important role in acquiring and keeping your users, thus improving your business. Also, starting with the design will help you refine your business idea, test logic, while bypassing it may cause your development team to rework the product several times and eventually cost you XY times more than you’d pay a UX/UI designer.
For a good website or a mobile app “launch day” is considered to be “day 1”. Everything we’ve done up till now has been a preparation for the main event. We’re here to take care of your product, to manage its data, to work on its updates, anything it needs. Just how we’re committed to work on your project, that’s how we take seriously the support you’ll need after.
For a good website or a mobile app “launch day” is considered to be “day 1”. Everything we’ve done up till now has been a preparation for the main event. We’re here to take care of your product, to manage its data, to work on its updates, anything it needs. Just how we’re committed to work on your project, that’s how we take seriously the support you’ll need after.
The price depends on the project complexity. If you’re looking for a quick estimation on your project cost, you can send us a short brief and requirements and get a free estimate. Also, you can check out our and get more information on specific services.
We may be a small country, but don’t underestimate us. Serbia is known to be a home to many IT experts and many outsourced IT departments. Due to its robust educational system for both engineering and computer sciences, Serbia became home to a young, skilled IT workforce with a strong educational background. Although English isn’t a native language, it is used as a second language and considered to be the standard for daily business communication. We are located in a GMT+2 time zone which gives us little to no difference in time with some European cities. Also, the time zone is good because of overlapping working hours with many US cities.
Think of it in this way. ‘Do I need to go to them, or will they come to me?’. Outstaffing is a business practice that involves hiring a third-party and delegating the completion of the whole project to them, without building a whole in-house team. While a project-based solution involves handling the project within the business structure.
All team members, from designers to developers collaborate together to find the best possible solution for your needs. Like that we will get to know the project context and understand the end goal. This way, we can empathize with users instead of just designing/coding without context and we will care about your business KPIs.
It depends on what you need exactly. Usually, there are two cases.

1. You want to test your idea, or maybe present it to future investors. So, you need only a UX/UI designer (for now) who will listen to you and create the UX design with the help of high-fidelity wireframes. After a few iterations, we can make a clickable prototype, or to continue with the UI phase and then make a prototype. It will be more than enough to test with your users and to get real feedback. So, for now, there is no need for coding - but if you are satisfied the next scenario is yours.

2. For some in-depth testing and feedback, an MVP (minimum viable product) would be a great solution for you. But an MVP doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just enough to test whether the app will pick up with your target audiences. So an MVP could have just one feature. For example, customers can purchase a product using one payment method. As the app gains traction, we can add more features like different payment methods, product management, advanced product filtering options, etc. Developing an MVP should take around two months, but it depends on the complexity of the key feature. Once complete, the MVP can be released to users for feedback. The feedback will help prepare metrics and assumptions for further development.
Discovery workshops are the first stop. This kind of consulting might become your best friend, because it is a cheap, easy, and safe solution for you before jumping into a full project. Starting with the design in general (product design, as well UX/UI design) will help you refine your business idea and test logic. We try to gather as much information on your project to be able to figure out actionable strategies for the development of your digital product. The goal is to gain a better understanding of your vision through multiple iterations of UX/UI design. Check out why the product discovery process is useful.
It depends on many variables, so before making that decision, consider your budget, app features, app complexity, and audience.
Native apps have great performance and tooling support. Clear, long-term upgrade path to new OS releases. Might be costly to develop and require two dev teams if you’re building for iOS and Android.
While developing in hybrid technologies will bring your product very fast. The app’s codebase can be shared across iOS and Android platforms - one team for development and maintenance. Flutter, or React Native technologies currently deliver experiences on par with native apps.
Not every project is the same, but based on our industry knowledge and previous experience, it takes from 2 weeks up to 1 year to get a fully finished and working product. Of course, everything depends on the complexity of the project and its elements, is it a mobile/web app or website, MVP or complex project, etc. What we can promise is that we will give our best to fit in an arranged deadline. Also, to be up to date with how your product looks and the progress being done, you will receive a working demo of the product every two weeks. Those releases increase transparency between you and us.
We have worked on different projects and we consider ourselves as business advisors, too. We are engineers who understand the business side of things. So, besides designing/coding, we will help you analyze your idea and advise on what improvements to include in it to make it great.
There are different benefits of remote and in-office work, so we like to combine them. There are project stages where in-person meetings are highly valuable, like meeting you, product discovery workshops, demos, etc. While remote work is great for focusing on designing/developing when the goal is set up. All work that’s happening is transparent at all times - a quick look at the management tool ClickUp lets you know who is working on what and what’s the current status.

Our Scrum process provides you with the necessary touchpoints with the team every 2 weeks. During the kickoff meeting, we will set up an additional arrangement that fits your requirements for how often we need to interact. Of course, you will have one team member that is in charge of communication with you, so you can contact him/her anytime. Plus, you can interact with devs individually, on a day-to-day basis if there is a need. We are always available for regular calls or chat via Zoom / Skype / GoogleMeet / Slack.