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Qwertify is a full-service IT company with global capabilities in the sphere of web and mobile development, and design. Maximizing user experience and satisfying business metrics while looking just stunning, is something that we are passionate about. Also, we do not consider that our work is done once the product is launched. We stay beside you and we will continue improving your product thus to achieve the best user experience.

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Most wanted collaboration models

We solve your business problems

We are the ultimate technological development partner for companies that look to enhance quality. Based on our experience, these are the most asked collaboration models. Besides the chosen package we can always make a custom solution that will suit your business needs perfectly.

Outstaffing solution

We offer full-service software development. We represent a dedicated outstaffing partner that assembles your own team and supports your mission in Serbia so that you can focus on reaching your goals. We work as a plugin to your organization.

PS. We have listed the most popular technologies. If you can not see what you are looking for, we assure you that we can find the expert you need.


Mobile app development

Smash your KPIs with robust native and custom hybrid applications. Our developers have huge experience in the fields of augmented reality, internet of things, maps, messaging, real-time communication, and so much more.

  • Native iOS - Swift, Objective C
  • Native Android - Kotlin, Java
  • Hybrid React Native apps
  • Hybrid Flutter apps

Web development

Your website isn't just an URL. It's an essential element of your whole business strategy. We bring your digital vision to fruition by developing flawlessly working websites with intuitive layout designs.

  • PHP - Laravel
  • Node JS
  • JavaScript - Angular, Vue JS, React
  • Java - Spring Boot
  • Custom CMS
  • WordPress
  • MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB
  • Server administration

UX/ UI design

We are keen on making beautiful products. You'll get an impeccable design with an intuitive navigation structure that will result in visually appealing aesthetics that will represent your brand to the fullest.

  • Developing idea concept
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Responsive design
  • Brand identity

Benefits of outstaffing team


Advantage of the Serbian team

We are located in a GMT+2 time zone which gives us little to no difference in time with some European cities. Also, the time zone is good because of overlapping working hours with many US cities. With the combination of high levels of technical knowledge, great English, and affordable rates - choosing Serbia as the place for IT activities makes sense.


Save your money for other costs

We're by your side to take care of all the administration, and you don't need to provide equipment, infrastructure, or social benefits. You'll save a huge amount in terms of resources, which you can invest in the further expansion of your business.


Control over the development process

You'll work directly with all experts you hire, in the same way that you do with your colleagues back home. Through equipping each employee with a monitoring and time tracking tool, you gain insight into how productive your outstaffed workers are.

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Project-based solution

We deploy agile product teams on demand. Skilled teams that can design, build, ship, and scale your vision in the most efficient way. Our focus is always on your business needs while creating a user-centered solution. While optimizing your cost, we stay on track and nurture: flexibility, increase the quality of your product, and risk reduction.

Iterating is a key

Let's drive you through our development roadmap


The project start

Defining scope, process, and approach



Market research and improvement suggestions


UX/UI design

Prototyping and creating appealing designs



Developing ready-to-use digital products



Polishing development and design until perfection



Preparing a project for your review



Demo of a given version and evaluation


Next iteration

Let’s make it better and more user-centered

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Maintaining Keeping your product running smoothly Launching Making you and your customers satisfied

Types of our communication


Daily standups

Short meetings where we summarize what was done and what will be done. A great way for you to be immediately informed about the possible obstacles. And you will get us to know better.


Sprint reviews

Delivering product increments every 1-2 weeks in smaller manageable chunks - makes everything more flexible for adjustments and optimizes feedback. You will get a burndown rate that shows the trend of completed and remaining work over a specified period.



At your preferences and depending on project type, we can establish weekly or monthly meetings. Here will be discussed project progress, timeline, budget, and anything that you need and want.

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Product discovery process

This kind of consulting might become your best friend. Why? This discovery process is a cheap, easy, and safe solution for you before jumping into a full project. Starting with the design in general (product design, as well UX/UI design) will help you refine your business idea, test logic, and communicate the awesomeness of the future product to investors.


The rise of future product


Cheaper, faster, safer

Bypassing design may cause your development team to rework the product several times and eventually cost you XY times more than you'd pay a UX/UI designer. The trick is that iterating your ideas with a designer is much cheaper and faster than doing that with developers. If the design is done right, it can reduce the time and effort spent on the development, and return up to $100 per dollar invested.


Clear development vision

While consulting, we analyze your project from the business, audience, development, and design aspects. It will help you to define, list, and prioritize all features and create a roadmap for product development. The most important function of product design is to clarify what should be developed. FYI, building in code is costly and time-consuming, as any change requires considerable time and resources.


The output

The end-result is a design prototype + specification, and that will let developers better evaluate the time they'll need to build different features of your product. So, this discovery product process decreases the probability of running out of your budget or time. Also, we have worked on different projects and we consider ourselves as business advisors, too. We are engineers who understand the business side of things.

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Why us?

We are here to move experiences, products, and brands to the next level. We are a cross-functional team of 30+ experienced and motivated people. We are always ready to listen and to suggest the best solution.

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