The product allows users to trade, buy, and sell horse riding equipment in Sweden. Equestrian sports is Sweden's third-largest youth sport, but it is a very expensive sport. That is the reason, why Equipement is an excellent solution, it provides a great online second-hand shop, and that’s how it makes this sport more accessible to everyone.


Website, Admin Panel, UX/UI Design


Angular, PHP/Laravel, MySQL, Ubuntu Linux, FCM notifications

The website

We were tasked to make the website with the opportunity of changing website elements. So, we created a changeable website - every element, photo, or text can be customized by clients. Also, we have implemented special authentication - users log in by scanning a QR code using the BankID app. For the payment method, the Swish payment system has been applied.


We use the latest technology


Smooth flow

We imagined this website to have an easy-for-eye and calm look, but besides that we wanted an intuitive and easy user experience. Everything is divided into logic elements, and those elements are linked in a simple flow with no unnecessary details, so the user can focus on the task.

1 Menu

It has all important elements, like categories, news, selling option, etc.

2 Shopping cart

It consists of elements that the user put in the cart, and it is easy for using

3 Profile

User is able to see all his previous sellings and buyings, and other basic stuff

4 Hero section

Explanation about the platform + CTA button for selling horse equipment


Style guide

Since this is the platform for buying/selling horse riding equipment, we wanted to implement colors from nature, and apply the elegance of horses' appearance. So, that’s why we chose black and brown hues, in combination with timeless fonts Helvetica and Montserrat.


Online shop

In the shopping section, users can apply various filters, so they can find exactly what they need. When users click to see more info, they will be taken to the product detail page. The main option is the possibility for users to control their shopping carts, by removing some products, and similar stuff. But if they want to proceed shopping - they will do that via the Swish system.

equipment-online-shop dobos-mobile-app empty

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