It is an online market for public auctions of items returned from leasing. Users can buy or post ads for real estate, vehicles, machinery, or other items.


Website, Android, iOS, Admin Panel, UX/UI Design


React Native, React.js, PHP/Laravel, MySQL, Ubuntu Linux

The website

The clients wanted to redesign the user experience on the website, because they wanted to add new crucial features that would make a mess in the old design. We had multiple UX/UI sessions, where we were ideating for the most intuitive flow for users.


We use the latest technology


My Doboš part

Registered users get the “special” side menu that helps them to easily access all important data like saved ads, my ads, my digital agents, newsletter, and my data. Also, at any time they can go to some link from the main header, so they c an check whatever they need. Users are also able to change language, and search for specific terms.


1 Side menu

This menu is created only for registered users, so they can find easily the main links, like saved ads, my ads, my digital agents, newsletter, and my data.

2 Header

Here are links that all users can see. Thus it is a complex website, it has dropdowns because of easier grouping. Users can switch between languages, search, etc…

3 My data

Here are all the important things about users’ data so users can easily access them. There are account, profile, and notifications info.

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Style guide

Because of its content, which is related to selling for public auctions of items returned from leasing, we have imagined the design in the new “conventional” style. That’s why we chose black and blue as the main colors, while for the fonts we picked BarlowSemiCondensed font that looks sophisticated and ProximaNova which is one of the most readable fonts.


The mobile app

In the arrangement with clients, they have decided that this app should be built in ReactNative, which means this is a hybrid mobile app. The mobile app contains the most important features like all ads, my ads, my digital agents, and my profile - where settings are incorporated, too. We have created all cases, from empty states to the normal through multiple iterations.

dobos-mobile-app dobos-mobile-app

My ads

This is one of the core functionalities, where users can create their ads, fill out all required data about them, etc. Also, they can edit ads anytime, or delete them. Every ad consists of the category badge, image, date, price(s), and title. By clicking on an ad, the new page will be opened with more info.

1 CTA - add new ad

Users can create new ads and put them in a specific category, and fill out all things that are required.

2 Specific ad

Every ad has a badge that implicates in which category it belongs, image, date, price(s), and label. Also, users can edit the ad.

3 Sort option

Users can sort all ads according to a specific category, or see all. There are 4 categories: vehicles, real estate, machines, and others.

4 Search & notifications

There is the possibility to search for a specific term on this page, and users can see all notifications.


We consider Qwertify as a partner, not just an IT company. Their commitment and giving pieces of advice are impeccable.

Miloš Tanko
Co-founder & CEO of Doboš

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